I have three things in my life where I love to spend my time- my family, cakes, and family history. 

Decorating Cakes - I decorated my first cake at 12 years old and just loved it!  It intrigued me and enthralled me and I never got over it.  I dabbled for a few years, but with a heavy schedule like junior high, never did find the time.  I waited until I had 3 children before I decided it was time to get serious and learn how to really decorate. 

Family History - Wow, its absolutely addicting and so amazing.  I can’t get enough of it.  How many nights I have been looking at censuses until midnight I can’t even count.  My poor kids sure did pay the next day.  I am inspired and emboldened by the choices and hardships of my ancestors; although I have never met them in person, they make me a better person. 

Words I live by
“a party without cake is just a meeting”
-Julia Child
Crazy thing called Life.